2017 Ford Mustang FM Manual

The 2017 Ford Mustang FM Manual is a 4 seat, 2 door Fastback, with a Front mounted Engine. The Manual, 6 geared Petrol - Unleaded ULP produces 233kw at 5700 rpm and has a power to weight ratio of 143 w/kg. Achieving a Euro 5 emissions rating, it produces a combined CO2 emission of 196 g/km. With a fuel tank of 59 l the 2017 Ford Mustang FM Manual can attain up to 868 km per tank, with an exta urban fuel consumption of 6.8 L 100/km. More realistically achieving a combined consumption of 8.5 L/100km, giving a range of around 694km. The initial service is due at 3000 km or 2 months. While regular services are carried out at 15000 km or 12 monthly intervals.